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Casio Electronic Musical Instruments group had some amazing new synthesizers to introduce to the world and wanted our help branding and marketing to a new audience of musicians, djs and producers. We saw this as an opportunity to bring all Casio music gear under the same new roof with a look and feel that inspires creative performance... one voice that spoke to the quality of their products and the passion of musicians of all levels to practice, perfect and perform their craft.

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Studio to stage

Casio has some amazing pro talent who play, love and endorse their keyboards, from concert pianists to feature film scorers to world-touring synth pop artists... and we wanted to showcase this. Beginner or pro, nearly all of us have played a Casio keyboard at one time or another, certainly these pros had... even long before they made it. There’s a Casio for everyone, from the home studio, to the big stage.

Casio app piano

State of the instrument

Casio was already loved by keyboardists everywhere, but they also wanted producers and djs to experience and enjoy the powerful tools they had designed for them as well. With all of those needs in mind, our story was simple and true - with a Casio you have everything you need to create music.


For the new synthesizers we thought, why not be able to try them out, play them right on your device? What better way to introduce the sound than to put a playable keyboard right on the site. We said, “With Casio... even the web is your instrument.”

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