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Citizen wanted to update their sales methods to be as technical as their watches. We created an application for Microsoft Surface Pro that replaced their entire catalog and streamlined their ordering system.

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business, with pleasure

Citizen Watches come with an array of technological features - atomic timekeeping, Eco-Drive rechargeable batteries, altimeters - but their sales force was still relying on printed catalogs. And for every sale they closed, with a customer or a prospective retailer, they had to write down their orders manually - on paper - and enter them into their sales system later. To give their sales team more mobility and streamline the ordering process, Citizen decided to ditch their catalog, and asked us to create an application for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

by the book

Citizen had been publishing their catalog, what they called a campaign book, for decades, and our application had to replace all of its functionality in a way that would be easy for their sales force to adopt. We couldn't forget anything their sales team expected from it. It needed high-quality photos, features, descriptions, and everything organized in an intuitive interface.

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pretty persuasion

Going digital with the catalog opened the door for more elegant and engaging interaction with the products and campaigns. Inspiring sales, not just streamlining them, got a whole lot easier.

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