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Ladies & Gentlemen

The G-Shock was originally developed to attract an active audience that would value the watch for its unprecedented toughness and functionality. But in the last 25 years, the G-shock brand has expanded its collection significantly, introducing watches that come in bright colors, unique shapes, a variety of materials, and with an array of technical features and abilities. The G-shock is just as fashionable as it is tough, and this diverse brand has earned a diverse following.

Team Effort

G-Shock has done collaborations with Eminem, the Wu Tang Clan, and Ke$ha—we thought they should take it a step further and inspire its wider audience by shedding the spotlight on the many different people and organizations they’ve collaborated with, from Burton Snowboards and the Royal Air Force, to Polish streetwear brand TURBOCOLOR and tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.

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Casio Gshock mobile application

Virtual try-on app

For some interactive fun, we concepted an iOS and Android app that let’s you try on all of GShock’s latest styles,save favorites and add items to your cart at

A flagship retail site

Simple, clean, modern... the site is a perfect canvas for all of their products, rich content and beautiful imagery to come to life. It is at once, an immersive discovery of content and culture and a delightfully intuitive shopping experience.

Casio Gshock tablet app

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