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Casio had been spending a lot of time and money trying to explain, with plenty of hard data, how their Ecolite projectors are among the most powerful, economic and eco-friendly products on the market. They asked us to help them better get this message to consumers to increase sales, starting with print ads and a new website. We said, “SHOW them what all of this means to them... and they will understand.”

Casio Projector lampfree by SG agency, a New York web agency

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You will lose today’s consumer in a heartbeat if you require them to scan a full page of technical specifications and try to glean what’s truly important to them from it. Show the points that matter - increased power, decreased cost, etc... and show it as simply and beautifully as the product itself.


Any journey of discovery should be as delightful to touch as it is to see. This is a story about machines - machines that teach, inform and inspire when used by humans... and it’s a wonderful story to touch.

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