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The highest standard

StellaService is second to none at helping internet retailers assess and improve their customer service. We modernized their website to match that standard with a simple and beautiful design that effectively explains the value of their offering.

Delightful data

Analyzing loads of data is tedious, no matter how important it is to your business. We showed them that the best way to add value to their already valuable offering, was to make the data easy, fun and beautiful to see.

We’ve also evaluated: 98 competitors in digital media

There are currently:7 retailers

who have access to your data through STELLA Metrics.

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to dig into the data we’ve collected about your company and competitors.

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Seal The deal

We broke down the benefits of StellaService to three simple steps: measure your customer service performance, benchmark it against your competitors, and identify areas for improvement. The value of a StellaService seal simply and visually explained, retailers are led confidently to purchase.

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